Stories of Resilience


  • Robert Mapplethorpe piece

    New Year’s Resolution: Do Not Compare Women

    Not too late to set your intentions for this year. This 2020 goal goes in the top of my list and here is why. View Post
  • Maria Luisa Mendiola Wedding

    What my wedding taught me about body confidence

    This old dog CAN learn new tricks or things about her body confidence and I never thought I would have to thank my wedding for it. View Post
  • Vitiligo in Brazil

    Vitiligo in Brazil

    A couple of weeks back, I had the privilege to interview Maika Celi the founder of the popular Brazilian vitiligo support group, Meu Lugar Ao Sol. This interview was translated from Portuguese, you can find the original version below. Describe what Meu Lugar Ao Sol is. Meu Lugar ao Sol, or My pla... View Post