Stories of Resilience

  • MIGA Swimwear muses

    6 years in business

    6 years in business means that we have pivoted many, many times in order to be here. I am not going to lie, there were days when I was ready to close our doors. Even this year, the idea of being a full-time mom and running MIGA seemed daunting and outright impossible to do. But here we are.  View Post
  • SXSW Panel Disfigurement Discrimination

    SXSW Panel Disfigurement Discrimination

    More than a third of people living with disfigurement have experienced employment discrimination. This is why our community matters and why we are heading to SXSW to make a case for it. View Post
  • Life in Costa Rica

    Life in Costa Rica

    I grew up in Costa Rica. This is what life in Costa Rica is like.

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