Our Mission

Our mission is to share the stories of women that have disfigurement to combat stigma, creating a community of body-love and self-acceptance among all women.

Graci and Jaleesa wearing Mio and Mio2 Swimwear



My name is María Luisa Mendiola and I am the founder of MIGA Swimwear. I was born with short 4th toes (scientific name: Brachymetatarsia). Growing up in Costa Rica, there were many times when I had to be barefoot and more often than not, I was asked "what's wrong with your toes?" Every time this happened, I would freeze and feel extremely uncomfortable. When I turned 25 and someone asked me, I thought: "How is it possible that I still feel like a 14 year old when someone asks me this?" Frustrated by my inability to cope with my disfigurement, I decided to find a solution during my master’s at Central Saint Martins, UK. To my surprise, I found that fashion design coupled with storytelling could help women feel more comfortable with their bodies and that is how MIGA Swimwear started.