Our Story

MIGA Swimwear starts from my personal quest to find community. Every time I would go to the beach or the pool, I would get self-conscious and uncomfortable because of a disfigurement I have on my feet. Growing up in Costa Rica, I would cope with my difference by wearing bold and vibrant swimsuits that took attention away from my toes. At this point, I started to develop an obsession with swimwear; I made it my thing to scour the internet for innovative designs and top quality brands. While this helped, the feeling of isolation and being misunderstood remained.

Maria Luisa showing her feet, her brachymetatarsia.
It wasn’t until I enrolled at Central Saint Martins UK, that I started to play with the idea of creating swimsuits that not only were eye-catching and beautiful, but that also encouraged the wearer to accept and love their body as is. By working directly with women and learning their unique body stories, I was able to create pieces that empowered them to embrace their differences, improving their body image. An unintended consequence, however, was the creation of a community of resilient women. The type of community I had longed for all of my life...  
Since then I have worked with women of all body types to create swimsuits that make all women feel comfortable and confident. Our collections prioritize sustainable processes, from our design stage to the lifespan of our products and are filled with vibrant colors and bold cutouts. At MIGA, we’re constantly working to improve our fit, fabrics and materials to redefine the beauty standard for the modern women. 
Helen, Cath, Camilla, Sylvia, Mio, Isabel and Kat without you there would be no brand, no community. Thank you for trusting me with your story. I am forever grateful.

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