Our Mission

To share the stories of women that have visible differences, disabilities and chronic illnesses to combat stigma, creating a community of body-love and self-acceptance among all women.

Our brand is for all women-identified. We believe that non-disfigured and able-bodied people can reframe how they look at their own bodies and ultimately, learn how to accept and love themselves through the lessons of the disfigurement, disability and chronic illness community. 


Why the name "MIGA"?

The name means in spanish “crumb,” like a bread crumb and I wanted to use the name as a reminder to take the business step by step, as starting a business on your own can be incredibly daunting.
An unintended interpretation of the name is that “miga” in Portuguese is also short for “amiga”, or female friend. Growing up when I would go to the beach, I would always look around to see if I could find feet that looked like mine. My hope is that through MIGA Swimwear, we can find “migas” and feel less isolated and alone in our experience with disfigurement, disability and chronic illnesses.