What’s in our summer bag?

Here are 5 essentials you should always keep in your summer bag. 

With temperatures reaching almost 70 this week, I can't help but start daydreaming about my next beach trip. One of the many perks of living in NYC is having so many beaches to choose from. Yes, the beaches here don’t come close to the beaches in Costa Rica, but I will take a beach over no beach any day. 

For your next beach escapade, don’t forget the following 5 essentials:

  1. A Swimsuit for the Whole Day: We got you covered! Whether you are looking for a surfing-buddy like the Anna or prefer to wear less coverage, like the Colette, all of our styles help you transition from subway to beach and from beach to beyond, no exceptions.
  2. Apres-Swim Outfit: Are you looking for a real head-turning combo? If the answer is yes, then try the bold color-blocking Mio one-piece with the arch-design Marije pants for a pantsuit look you will want to repeat all summer long. Not a fan of wearing pants to the beach, we get it. We recommend the Colette skirt (one of our best sellers) with the Mio or the Anna. Your pick. In all of our pieces, you can count on our ultra fast-wicking tech fabric to help you transition from beachtime to nighttime. Also the fabric’s breathability makes any of our styles perfect for balmy summer nights. 
  3. Sun Protection: Aside from getting any (or all) of our styles that come with built-in SPF50, you will also need skin protection. Our go-to is P-20 for the body, it is water-resistant for over 10 hours, and COOLA Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen for the face. I love how easy it is to apply and how non-greasy it is. To take it a step further, because UV rays are not what they used to be, we go for a wide-brim hat. My favorite is this Wallaroo’s Women’s Aqua Hat, not only is it made with SPF50 fabrics, it is also water-resistant. I spilled a bit of sunscreen on it, and it came off perfectly. This is the kind of reliable summer partner I live for.
  4. Water: If women are recommended to drink 2.7 litres of water a day in temperate climate, imagine in warm weather. This is honestly really hard for me to do so in order to force myself to drink water, I decided to make an investment. I purchased a $89.95 bottle of water and it makes all the difference. Before you dismiss this recommendation, hear me out. The GRAYL water bottle has a built-in filter, which means that you can put any kind of water in it (think river water) and it will be safe to drink. We have used this bottle with tap water in both Mexico and Brazil, and saved the ocean from more plastic water bottles.
  5. The perfect comb: I have to thank my hairstylist, Jenna, for this. In order to prevent hair from getting too tangly (any other ladies out there with fine hair?) and for it to dry quicker, I like to comb my hair immediately after I get out of the water. This YS Park comb makes my usually flat hair SO voluminous it's no joke. Best part, their wide tooth comb makes it easy to get your hair combed regardless of how tangly it might get with sand and salty water. 10/10 definitely recommend. 

These are our summer bag go-to’s. Traveling soon? Let us know, we would love to send you a complimentary suit!


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