Stories of Resilience


  • Pandemic Puppy Xico Da Silva

    Pandemic Puppy: Is a thing

    How do you make sense of something you have wanted for so long and you finally get? A couple of weeks ago, we got our first puppy and my heart exploded with happiness. View Post
  • MIGA Swimwear founder wedding

    Quarantine Reflection: Part 2

    I never would have thought that in my first months of marriage I would be living with my in-laws. On this entry, I reflect on why we left New York City and how we have settled into our new normal. View Post
  • Quarantine feelings

    Quarantine Reflection: Part 1

    Over a month has gone by since the beginning of quarantine. I am not sure how I will come out of this, but I know now after reflecting on this time I have learned A LOT. What have you learned? View Post