Stories of Resilience


  • Chasing the Sun: A Psoriasis Mission

    Chasing the Sun: A Psoriasis Mission

    By: Georgia Crowther Most people will tell you to stay away from the sun; I will tell you the opposite. Spend as much time with it as possible. Same applies to the ocean. Treat it like another companion; cherish it, be grateful for it and just like the sun, spend time with it. If the ocean and th... View Post
  • The Art of Psoriasis

    The Art of Psoriasis

    By: Charlotte Agnew For many years I’ve owned a photography account on Instagram where I would only post photos of pretty things. I used to take great care in making sure that my account had a certain aesthetic, ‘cause that’s just what people do. It isn’t just with Instagram, but the perfectionis... View Post