Stories of Resilience


  • cancer and disfigurement

    Cancer and Disfigurement

    Cancer therapy doesn’t prepare you for having disfigurement. Charlie Manzano shares what he has learned after surgery and what he is doing currently to combat shame. View Post
  • dating with facial difference

    Dating with Facial Difference

    A couple of weeks back, I had the chance to talk with Jenny Kattlove about dating with facial difference and her overall experience. Jenny was born with several hemangiomas, benign tumors, on her face. She grew up in southern California, in a highly appearance-conscious community. Her career has ... View Post
  • Knowledge to Understand What We Are Looking At

    Knowledge to Understand What We Are Looking At

    By: Rajee Aerie Every single one of us at some point or another has felt insecure about ourselves. Why? Because that insecurity stems from what society and the media tells us the ideal perfection is. Well it’s time that changes and we say screw society’s ideals and create new standards of beauty.... View Post