Stories of Resilience


  • Tonya Ingram

    Lupus doesn't have me

    I would know more about chemo and dialysis than romance or knowing how to drive. I have sat in more hospital beds than open mics. But thank goodness for what this chronic illness has taught me. View Post
  • Guggenheim Museum Cocoon

    Someone I know has COVID19

    As more and more COVID19 cases get confirmed, I worry that those that test positive or have shown multiple symptoms may be stigmatized against. If you know someone who has COVID19 this is what you can do. View Post
  • No Excuses

    No Excuses

    By: Valarie Robbins Mother, grandmother, Catholic, counselor, and avid reader. These are just a few words to describe me. Oh yes, and a person with a disability. Some might say I buried the lead. I say I led with what is most important. I thought everyone did, until a couple of years back. When I... View Post