Let Them Come

She has an aura, that even through the phone, translates to a calming peace. Tulsi Vagjiani wasn’t always like this. On 1990s Valentine's Day, Tulsi was traveling with her parents, when the plane they were in exploded. That day Tulsi lost both of her parents; but she survived. She was left with 40% burn scars on her face and body.

Although you might recognize her from the various media campaigns she has been featured on, these days she spends most of her time at a crystal shop, where she works. “I have consciously decided to take a step back,” because she felt she was saying yes to a lot of projects that did not align with her. 

“I am an empath,” she claims. When asked what that means, Tulsi defines it as “someone that walks and feels somebody else’s emotions and pain as if it is happening to them.” Tulsi has always been like this, which meant that after her accident she had to work hard to overcome feelings of self-loathing and low self-worth. 

Tulsi's Instagram post without hair system

Today what you see is quite different, reiki master and meditation guide are just a few of the skills listed on her Instagram bio. But she is quick to remind you that “being a healing positive person doesn’t exempt you from pain and suffering.” She believes that we gain our strength from difficult times: “when I am feeling something that is not recognized as a positive feeling, I honor it by being present with it, rather than denying it.” Tulsi sees sadness and joyfulness as feelings that must coexist. 

These days she finds inspiration to do better for the young girls she meets. “They should be able to just be themselves, without having to compare themselves to somebody they see on the media,” citing the strong cultural barriers that she believes keep them trapped between what they want to do and what they should do. “I want these girls to be present in their power so that they can exist authentically.” 

She continues to challenge the South Asian standard of beauty because it is unrealistic. In one of her latest posts, she decided to take her hair system off for the first time. “Many don’t know this, but after the accident my hair follicles were severely damaged and so with time, I have become bald.” Although it was liberating to her, some felt that she was trying to condemn their use of hair systems. In a Tulsi-like fashion she responds: “if someone wants my advice, they know where to find me.”She will be here living her authentic-self.  

Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Tigers Eye

Tulsi has gratefully shared with us her top choices of crystals:

  1. Amethyst: Best for reflection and focusing on working on yourself.
  2. Rose Quartz: Best for unconditional love, especially if you were not taught self-love from a young age. Remember to love ourselves is self-care, not selfish.
  3. Tiger Eye: Best for balancing emotions, helps us focus on what matters most. 


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