Style With

Black and white photo of models sitting in roof wearing MIGA Swimwear
Black model wearing Lydia burnt orange top with patent leather brown pants in room with wood paneling.
Black joyful model in a prairie with closed eyes, wearing magenta Marije top with cutouts.
Beautiful black model wearing Mio magenta one piece, showing back detail in lime and emerald green.
Beautiful black model wearing Lydia orange burnt top looking directly at camera.
Models playing in forest, wearing Lydia burnt orange top and Marije magenta pants with cutouts.
Model jumping in white rooftop, wearing Anna emerald one piece and Marije magenta cutout top with white sandals.
Beautiful model with hand on wall, wearing Lydia lime green tankini top and khaki flowy pants in white rooftop. Model with red hair wearing magenta Mio one piece with Lydia lime green skirt in blue sky rooftop.
Two beautiful models wearing Colette lime green bottom and Lydia burnt orange bottom while sitting in a white rooftop playing with an old camera prop.
Model with red hair sitting in green chair wearing Colette lime green skirt with lime and teal top.
Two models sitting in chairs on rooftop, one wearing Anna emerald green one piece with flowy white and emerald pants. The other model has red hair and is wearing Colette lime green skirt, lime green shoes and lime and teal top. Model in Anna emerald green one piece is also standing fiercely against a white wall.
Same image back to back one in color and one in black of black model wearing Anna emerald one piece and Marije magenta cutout top and white sandals. Model with hand on her head.
Two beautiful models wearing Lydia burn orange bottom and Colette lime green bottoms with white and pink tops, laying in a white cloth playing.
Creative Director: Oré Zaccheus
Photographer: Javed James, Oré Zaccheus
Models: Ella Edmonson, Nadirah Harris, Beatrice Smoot, Deme Lewis, Amber Jones.