Say the word: Racism

To our white readers:

Don’t let the wrong terminology, the wrong timing, the wrong step bar you from taking action. If you are sitting on the sidelines, perhaps consumed with guilt, just take the first step: be clear of where you stand. And if you don’t know, start doing your research because it takes time and if you are doing it right, causes a lot of discomfort. Don’t let this deter you. It is your responsibility to this interconnected, diverse world we live in to not be racist. It is imperative that you get to understand and empathize with those that have a different experience from your own and become an ally in their plight well before a transgression occurs. If you don’t understand why this is important, think about your kids, the future generations and how as humans we owe it to ourselves, to the legacy of our family, our name, to grow up and leave behind racial biases and prejudices. To abandon bigotry and racism

So many times I get caught in the moment, referring to an “it” for fear of using the wrong word. “I am so against it.” “It has been crazy.” “It shouldn’t be like this.” But what is IT? I recognize now that the fear of using the word like police brutality, racism, hate, discrimination has caused me to make overgeneralizations and in some instances, left me action-less. That is why I have written in bold the “IT” throughout this blog. I am here to acknowledge, say the word and move forward because I recognize that if I don’t say the word we will never challenge biases and we will never bring about the change we need so that our black counterparts can be given the same opportunities that we get.

Our promise to the black community and people of color:

However the discomfort and the guilt, I promise to put in the work. I promise to continue to dismantle the biases I grew up with and the racism that lies in the underbelly of my soul. I will educate myself on the Tulsa bombing and the fires in Rosewood. I will watch real-life accounts like Just Mercy (streaming free on Amazon for the month of June) and buy and read books written by black authors, about racial injustice like Beloved by Toni Morrison. I will donate to bailout funds and sign petitions to defund the police but most importantly, I will continue to hold space for conversations about racism with my community. I will be that person that calls out racism and I am not afraid.


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    Yes!!! We all need to stand towards this same goal! Thank you ❣

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